We live in Hungary.

When I lived in Boston, I rode my bicycle every day.


Herb and Wendell are planning to hike to the other side of the island.

Brenda is still a kid.

Words cannot express it.


You took advantage of me.


Geoff slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.


I'd better help Francis out.

It's so simple, only a child could do it.

I'll teach these punks a good lesson.

It occured to me that my sentences may never be translated.

He is an interpreter in an international bank.

I guess Olaf didn't get around to painting the barn last summer.

The Solar System has only eight planets now as Pluto, which was the ninth, has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

Naugthy dots will be chopped off sentences.

I don't take it personally.

Don't tell Butler I'm here.

Just try to do your best.

I hope Lyndon wasn't scared.

Mike said a few words as a suggestion.


There's something floating in my water.

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They are talking about what they will sing.

My knee hurts when I bend it.

My girlfriend is crying.


I was sacked yesterday.

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Vladimir has a nicer office than I do.


Look at the tall pretty girl standing there.

The cobbler is looking for a new anvil.

Lorenzo described himself in the lonely hearts' column as a dependable, dedicated, God-fearing 40-year-old who was seeking a like-minded female for companionship.

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Perhaps you'd like to join us.

The accident happened a year ago today.

She has very short hair.

He didn't want to talk about it anymore.

He is superior to me in many respects.

That was easier than I thought.

Let me tell them.

Appearance is deceptive.

Why are you not listening to me?

What time did that occur?

His car ran into the Iron Gate.

It isn't there.

There's no way I can catch Joyce.

Jennie is a stay-at-home dad.

On cloudy days, you can hear distant sounds better than in clear weather.

They let me go.

Is that your first name or your last name?

Mum is home.

What was she thinking when she came to tell me that?

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Why do I have to talk to her?

How about some more coffee?

I wrote back to Darren.

I don't have to sell my house.

Look backward!

This bride is covering her face with a veil.

Everything is ruined because of you.

Everything comes to him who waits.

Don't get a stomachache by eating too much.


1 = ln(e)

Pierre took his headphones off.

Could you use some help?


I want him out of my life.


Anatole seems to be in some pain.

Now that's an achievement.

Shh, you're speaking too loudly.


It is certain that Jim stayed at home that day.

He had a notion that she was very angry with him.

I've been thinking a lot about Edmund.

Waves are generated by wind.

All my neighbors are very friendly.

Time flies like an arrow.

I know what it's like to lose a father.

Don't completely prepare the ground for your children, otherwise they might run their head against a wall.

No doubt.


I wanted to give Louis a gift.

This is not a video game, Glen! Slow down.

It looks like Bruno could use a little help.


These are very big apples.

I've been thinking about getting a dog.

Mandarin oranges have a lot of vitamin C.

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After I lit a fourth candle, I wanted to eat some jelly doughnuts.


I can't understand how your father managed to see through that man.

Why don't you two help me clean up?

The bathroom is dirty.

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A person's beauty is their conduct in society.

Eddie speaks Russian better than English.

Eileen lived with his uncle in Boston while going to college.

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Nothing could stop him.

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Indeed, he could have bitten off his tongue.

Fletcher is very likable.

That's none of your business.


Don't say it again.

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Your cat is hiding from me.


Lindsay is a very successful businessman.

This initiative follows the DCA phone conference on Dec 17 attended by 40 people from 27 firms.

Skip still has my bicycle.


The meeting has been fixed for next week.


We call our dog Pochi.

Dative is the death of genitive.

I can teach you things.

Merril is already standing.

I tried to make myself understood, but in vain.

My advice is to wait and see what Laurie does.

Mikey knows what it's about.

He's my age.

Ole is afraid he'll get lost.

He caught a big fish.

Brett says that he wasn't the one who broke the window.

What's the rule?

This channel communicates with the sea.

We could see the summit of a mountain twenty miles away.

The Diet is not fully functioning as such.

I intend to clean my room.

There were twelve of us in all at our class reunion.


When will that picture I wanted enlarged be ready?

Pim is an honest boy, so he wouldn't tell a lie.

I want to be able to speak French.

I like Dave because he is very kind.

I gelded one.

Let's find out what Blaine wants.

She tends not to show her feelings.

Srivatsan's point of view is almost the same as mine.

Srivatsan wore a mask.


Take it to Blake.


We're interested in helping them.

I don't think it's right.

This thin book is mine.

He took the leadership of the party.

I play golf every so often.


I'm sure we all feel that way.

Children really like playing on the beach.

Knudsen kissed Matti on the neck.

This dog is bigger.

Did you know Ramneek got arrested three weeks ago?

The delegation of the United States would like to propose a bilateral solution.

My parents keep arguing about stupid things. It's so annoying!


I own an electric guitar.

Don't worry. You can confide in me.

Johnnie is tolerant, isn't he?


That's pure BS!

Dig a deep hole.

Have you got a seven-yen stamp?

The beach isn't far from here.

They have to work by night.

I have a lot of time for diversions.

His business in New York was a great success.

I bet Rodger doesn't even know Michel.

It's hard to surprise them.

Did you remember to thank her?

He was very well known.

Unable to do this well, he started hitting himself.

I'd like a little more water.

Claude's grandmother doesn't have any teeth.

As the boss was walking away the employees remained silent, listening for the clicking of her heels against the floor, to make sure that she really had left.

He is tired from overwork.

We're not stopping.

Stop tormenting your brother.

Margot hasn't spoken to me about it yet.

Look forward, please.

Antony came too early because of a misunderstanding.

For those of us that love frisbee, there's a match tomorrow.

You'll never guess why I'm here.

He had plenty of fight left in him.

It was completely astonishing, as you would expect.


Van started learning French last year.

Deborah made a face.

We will fight to the last.