In 11 hours, we will arrive in San Francisco around 7:30.

That is not your cup.


They love music.

I need a bigger frying pan.

I'm ready to go now.

He is poor, to be sure, but he is happy.

Is he the owner of this house?

I see. And what can I do to help you with this?

Claudio is living here now.

Since I lived in Tokyo, I know that city pretty well.

Study English every day.

My nose has been broken three times.

If you want to get your rights, you must ask for them from your governours.

Theo loves to cook.

Dick returned to the living room.


Everybody seemed pretty calm.

Julie's grandmother is a very old woman.

Have you heard from Freddie?


Morgan looked at the calendar on his desk.


I succeeded in the recovery of the stolen wallet.


Do you fancy going to the movies tonight?


It is strange that he should say such a thing.

If only I had taken your advice.

Today the teacher chose "Chinese culture" as a topic.

You were great today.

It's a catchy song.


The sense of humor is mysteriously bound up with national characteristics.

He has a background in business.

None of those things happened.

You're doing all right.

You've already given me enough money.

Hsi killed his drink.

My father has never gotten sick in his life.

Don't attach it to your head.

Edmond is a thug.

Who said you could come in here?

My son is going to leave for France next week.

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You're just envious.

He's my husband.

Please wake up at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

God help us.

I got dumped.

The old man tends to exaggerate.

The teacher had her eye on me because she thought I was cheating.

My kids used to go there.

What a bad looser!

Who, that has common sense, would do such a thing?

I'm not sure I can trust her.

They just saw him.

Ira has an uncle who works in Boston.

Children came running in terror from the different spookhouses along the street.

Priscila Meirelles from Brazil won the title of Miss Earth in 2004.

I would offer you a coffee if you had the time.

We were worried about him.

He gambled and broke even.

He surfs every day during the summer.

I joined the list.

Money is worth more than everything else in the world!

Moe wanted to see where Fred went to high school.

We'll just do what we originally planned.

Is she single or married?

He knocked on the door.


My pumpkin was the best.


They want to take land, but there are men on that land. They want to get rid of them, so they call them the 'savage'. Once called the 'savage', these men are not considered as humans anymore. So it's permitted to kill them off to the last one. And this is how somebody's land becomes somebody else's land.


There were only six people at the party.

She is the woman I will be marrying.

Marcia works at the best salon in town.

What do you hope to find here?

You need to do something about the leaky faucet.

I have the book on hand.

Now, let's turn to work.

Spock didn't tell us why we should come.

He was an indolent man, who lived only to eat, drink, and play at cards.

Roger, what you say makes sense and I agree with you.

They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.

You prefer coffee.

Is it really that big a deal?

I could not make out what he meant.

Please get into the bath.

The ground is too soft.

I don't look like I'm elderly.

Noemi may not want to do that, but he needs to.

He finally made money.

We all have stomachaches.

Would you mind taking care of my dog next weekend?

What kind of music do you think Saad likes?

Some problems are expected on their expedition.


She had hardly opened the door when a white dog rushed out of the house.

Since it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.

The evidence is doubtful.


Rusty's not going to be happy when he finds out what happened.

Even with his glasses, he doesn't see very well.

On Sundays, the museum is not open.

Ellen never drinks with his students.

Rodney said that shouldn't be a problem.


I agree to your proposition.

Now that we've finished eating, let's go.

A conjunction is a word which joins words, phrases, clauses and sentences together.

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We can all breathe a little easier now.


Here's your party.

What do they need?

I am painting the garage.

A wise person profits by his mistakes.

The knife isn't sharp.

Julie stormed into his office and slammed the door.

I feel underappreciated at work.

Can you finish it by noon?

Rupert knows guns.


His clothes have become too small for him.

The story goes in a roundabout way.

The sun will also shine for us.

The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country.

Which highway leads to the football stadium?

Ask Shankar to bring Harris tomorrow.

Kurt is a mountain climber.


I really would like to meet another Esperantist some day...

The station is a ten minute drive from here.

Tracey might be able to help.


The map is on the wall.


His father died, and to make matters worse, his mother fell ill.

I'm not going to stop them.

Your new hair style makes you look older.

Mr. Jackson is our homeroom teacher.

Err! Sorry, you are incorrect!

Look at that red building.

As far as Bob is concerned, anything goes. By contrast, Jane is very cautious.


They arrested me.

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The dragon flew a dragon kite: the kite was flown by the dragon.


Dublin is in Ireland.

Don't do that ever again!

Claudia went to elementary school with Leo.

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My wife wants to adopt a child.

You might find it useful.

Hazel is good, isn't he?


We ran for seven miles.

Don't make me cry.

We're being detained.

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Did you ever date him?

That's what we do best.

The dinner was so tasty.

Betty contributed a lot of money to the museum.

Valeria doesn't have to answer that.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

Don't annoy me with those jokes.

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How and when life began is still a mystery.

My name isn't really Allan.

He has been in Japan for three years.

Why don't you return to your quarters?

Mysore often stays out late.


Such a person is seldom dull.


As soon as the rain stopped, the tennis match continued.

We hired a guide for our white-water rafting trip.

I wonder if Sergei is OK.


I don't think I have time to explain it right now.


It would be nice if I could travel to Japan.

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Let me have a word with him.

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I'll leave immediately.

His speech moved us.

It's our job to help them.

He fouled because he pushed over the other player.

Brian reported Winston missing.


Are you good at speaking French?

Have a happy marriage.

We'd better leave now, otherwise we'll be late.

Their modest income doesn't allow for many luxuries.

I can't find anybody to ask.