Cliff can swim.

I'll find out for you.

These flowers are so beautiful, aren't they?

I don't think it's him.

Sassan gave Jennie a hand.

Don't you have an accountant?

They won't die.

I've been looking for my keys all day.


I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner tomorrow.

That's the best movie I've seen in ages.

I need to impress him.


He put on his gloves.

I think this is why we have a homeless problem in this city.

He doesn't look happy to see me.

They all should go with you.

He wriggles like an eel.

With the help of my friends I learn a whole bunch of new and interesting things.

Just a minute, please.

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I need Roxie to know that we love him.

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So long, have a good time.

We had a drink of nice cool spring water.

The song was a hit.

Thankfully, there was an Armani store just outside the alley where Dima had slept.

The professor solved the problem at last.

The French president is to visit Japan next month.

I never plan anything.

Eileen ran to the door and tried to get out.

Have the police been notified?


Just tell Claude what you want him to do.

I don't have my glasses.

She knows my wife.

Nicholas is not like that all the time.

Mariou promised he wouldn't say anything.

This is a highly recommended restaurant.

My friend doesn't play tennis.


Do I need to come back here tomorrow?

A bird shat on Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Third year students were not invited.

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I hardly remember her.

She abandoned her children.

She wanted to join the air force.


I promise you that I'll be there to help you.

I've been told that I should never ask a woman how old she is.

I'm in the tenth grade.


I asked Sonny to keep an open mind.


You're my brother and I love you.


You have the right to know.

I don't think I want to go.

My mouth forms a lot of saliva.

The examination is close at hand.

After supper we went to the river and observed the night sky.

It really annoys me when you do that.

How many bowls of rice did you eat?

Are you a doctor, sir?

I can't let him go alone.


Is he free this evening?


Albert can't do this to us.

Belgian fries are the best in the whole world!

Keep an eye on your bag while walking.

Did that work?

I know you were proud of me.

Hello, my friends! This is Ricardo and I'm sorry for not posting here for so long. I had many, many, many troubles in my life but I couldn't "let" you alone. I feel sorry for that and I hope know you better and help you better also.

We mended some broken chairs.

I'll find the money somehow.

Early explorers used the stars for navigation.

He gave us the news that his son was engaged.

You are so jealous, right?


This neighborhood is very lonely.

Carlos doesn't know any French.

Who did you say that to?


Usually Jeanne can get whatever he wants.

Ramanan and I made a bargain.

Has he already done it?

I want to learn to speak Hawaiian, so I can impress my girlfriend.

Both her parents come from Brazil. She is a daughter of Brazilians.

Mann is the one who called 911.

She's been in the hospital for a month.

Lately, we see crows everywhere.

Pretend you've won.


I have to take you home now.

Lana's a volunteer.

The patient moved his lips slightly.

I don't go there as often as that anymore.

I've never heard of that.

It was a party to celebrate her birthday.

You told Norman to do that, didn't you?

This utterance is not a sentence.

I know where Jeanette went to school.

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Shai often brings his work home.

I have always fed my dog the dog food that comes in the big green bag.

You live and learn.

We will free you from the elevator.

Try telling that to Rodger.

He speaks both English and French.

When he failed to find a job, Elliott started feeling desperate.

Jeanette is an expert at all kinds of games.

We all cried when we watched the movie.

You know that I love you so much, don't you?

Let me see your hand, that I may read the future.

My little brother can read English.

May I bring my family along?


Ernie graduated from Harvard business school last year.


Your left eye is congested.


When he learned the details of the circumstances, his laugh disappeared.

Bernie picked up the baby and she immediately stopped crying.

Look at it again.

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I was walking around the school.

This law shall have effect in Japan.

Tim said you were hungry.


Even if you wash it, the color won't come out.

You promised to help.

It's noisy around here, so speak a little louder.

He was killed in the avalanche.

Kyoto is visited by many people every year.


She was blind, deaf, and mute.

You seem anxious.

These rules are reasonable.

Who can speak French better, Amarth or Joni?

The situation is becoming arduous.

Some members agree with us, some don't, and others haven't expressed their opinions.

Panzer knows what would happen if he doesn't stay.

Twist that knob to the right and the box will open.

I should've realized the truth a long time ago.

Lenny got up from the table and went into the kitchen.

You are level-headed.

Hon takes the lead!

No-one invited her.


Do you really trust us?

You can't sleep here.

I don't want Sean in my car.


The company went after its No. 1 customer gripe: power outages.

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Maybe you should stop reading romance novels.


I'm just stating the facts.

Jose is lonely and unhappy.

She bought a coat.

The stirrup is a bone in the middle ear, between the anvil and the inner ear.

Have you seen a Niuean?


You're great.


Can we just get this over with?

The news was very surprising to her.

We relaxed in the jacuzzi.


Mrs. Smith is our English teacher.

I'm beginning to doubt whether Kiki can really understand French all that well.

A popular way to describe buying your first home in English is to get a foot on the property ladder.


She doesn't live in my neighbourhood.

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He is named Jeff by everyone.

When is your next show?

Amarth has told me all about it.

Murat's pronunciation is very good.

Scores of heavily armed soldiers tightened their grip on the capital. They are blocking streets and cordoning off government buildings as well as the airport.

Don't bother her.

Let's not waste time arguing about it.

They are the next to be on duty for taking care of the rabbits.

I love arguing with her.

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Thuan forgot to lock the bathroom door.

I will devote myself to studying for the entrance exams.

It is clear that he is at home.

She doesn't like sushi.

I'd like to see her back.


I like both cats and dogs.


Here they come.

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The screening of donated blood for the presence of various illnesses is expensive, but is also necessary to keep the blood supply as safe as possible.

Dogs are forbidden.

Some were injured and others were killed in the accident.