He hung up his coat.

Watch out for the sparks that are flying out of the fireplace!


How can we save Jerrie?

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Money will do anything.

Dirk threatened to kill me.

We should leave while we can.


I've got a funeral to go to.

Are you behind all of this?

It's very easy to become famous when you're very well-known.

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You didn't join that club, did you?


We parted, never to see each other again.

I must go now.

Jelske says he's rich.

Are you sure it was her?

It's no big secret that Brandy stepped out on his wife every chance he got.

Arthur served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

That's very cool.

Is he drinking coffee?

How do you expect to weather the financial storm when the bank refuses to extend a helping hand?


I have a right to privacy too.


Children go from school to home.

Wow, that's cool.

The war goes on.

There are more than six billion people in the world.

When will they appoint someone to replace Bruce?

The word is frequently used in this sense.

She said nothing that would make him angry.


The princess fell in love with an Elven prince.

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I think that you should break up with your boyfriend.

I forgot what I was going to say.

No investigation is required.

I have a low threshold for pain.

They want the best.

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I needed your expertise.

He accused the man of stealing.

My friend lives in the middle of nowhere.


Bonnie came home very late last night.


Mr Green is a teacher of history.

He's a man who we all respect.

She could not understand why they fought.


Are you for or against abortion?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were hiding something.

My name was drawn.

Native speakers usually tell those who learn their language that it is very hard, even though they actually have no way of knowing if it is difficult or easy, as a result of the fact that it comes naturally to them.

Gregge watched the meteor shower.

Enjoy yourself at the party.

I have to leave school.

You've got one minute left.

I'm afraid of spiders.

Do you want to go there now?


We study French at school.

I'm here now.

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I'm really not up on recent TV shows.

My doctor told me to lay off the liquor so I have this uneasy impatient feeling.

I think that she doesn't want to eat any more.


I'm glad we can help.

That's the goal.

As far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.


I've asked her to help us.

As we no longer alter the spellings of loanwords to match typical English spelling conventions, this leads to many words with unusual spellings, like "guanxi", "qarin", "kawaii" and "burqa".

Raymond sat in the third row.

Joe tried to call Marsha numerous times.

You're not pretty.

Let's get her to bed.

We could not tell the twins one from the other.


We're not going to start doing that.

They cost a fortune.

By dint of pushing the words back to the beginning of the sentence, there only remained the two of them at the end: Kieran, Barrett.

Spinach is a rich source of iron and calcium.

Sales have been off this month.


He hasn't the slightest suspicion.


They never spoke to us.

The question is whether he can be trusted.

Teri knew who Ramon had decided to give her old guitar to.

I hope Miki isn't pressuring you to do anything you don't want to do.

What are you going to tell Delbert exactly?


You always were one of my best students.


It's so different.


Walter has been sick a long time.


This liquor has a taste all of its own.

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Give me some more time.


Heinz is my classmate.

I'm not interested in any of your theories.

Masanobu spends most of his money on food.

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Japanese cars sell well overseas.

We had a wonderful time in Boston.

The girl likes the dog.

Do you know where Becky is waiting for us?

Do you like this blouse?

Victoria's dog follows her everywhere.

He was born in the United States.

The only place Johnathan has ever wanted to live is Boston.

I don't doubt it.

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Should we go back?

This table is at an angle.

He is better than me.

I'm the best.

My name is Sasha.

Raj arrived in a black car.

What you need is, in a word, patience.


Elsa is now dressed in casual clothes.

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You did pretty good out there.

My mother said that with a smile.

Esperanto will win.

I realized it only then.

Stop whimpering.

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Are you being followed?

I want to text, but my eyes hurt.

Damone sensed that Stagger was in pain.

It really hit the spot.

The prisoners would have to go through yet one more hardship.

Apples are scarce this year.

On his birthday, I took a train to the town in which he lived.

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Did you complete the work?

I wasn't fast enough.

How much will it cost by sea mail?

I hope that you aren't afraid.

Have you read the book "Vegan until 6 p.m."? It describes a new way of losing weight.


Somebody catch that man!

He did it a few times.

Do you have some bread? I'm going to feed the pigeons.

How long would it take to get to Boston from here?

There was no one there but them.

It's your turn.

I can tell my best friend anything.

I gave Brett the things he wanted.

Excepting Sundays he works every day.

Patricio helped Tigger on with her coat.

Hon and Marnix own a small organic farm.


Josh sells cars.

I don't think Benjamin meant to do that.

Divers have found hundreds of Spanish gold coins off the coast of Florida.


I'll have to ask around.

Linda is my new British friend.

She shook her head at him.


Recently the number of cars has greatly increased.

I'm looking for a bank. Is there one near here?

I don't think this is funny.

Everybody suddenly burst out laughing.

The forward kicked a goal.

Blayne felt himself getting hungry.

I forgot my umbrella and got drenched in the rain.


There is little oil in Japan.

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They toured France during their honeymoon.

He himself went there.

The apartment was completely bare when we moved in.

Do you want to have dinner with me sometime?

Kyle always wanted to be a teacher.


I don't want to sit next to her.

Niall chewed on his pencil.

Let's strive after virtue and give up vice.

Arnold is pretty sure that he'll pass today's exam.

What's your favorite city in the world?

You need stitches.

She is buying jewelry in a jewelry store.

How do I know if a guy is interested in me?

How can I find Roland?

Then the false bride answered: "She deserves to be put stark naked into a barrel lined with sharp nails, which should be dragged by two white horses up and down the street till she is dead."

I'll give you a call before I visit you.

Do you sell desk lamps here?

The box has holes in it.