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I think we can catch Pat.

I saw a stranger enter that house.

Where does he want to go?

Piotr did the job to the best of his ability.

Can you smell that?

She became rich through hard work.

I still haven't decided who to give this to.

Fish abound in this river.

The rainfall was very heavy.

We've been married three years.

Why was he living in the US?


I sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.

Remember what I said to you yesterday.

I'm just waiting for a call.

Please don't say anything about it to Naoto.

A pair of gloves is a nice gift.

The heater is warming up the room.

One speaks French in France.

The woman you were talking to at that time was my sister.

Come here by ten at the latest.

They have a good choice of earrings in this jewelry store.

Do you have any eights?

Don't forget to floss.

What a beautiful dive!

You have missed an important clue.

It was so much better before.

What is the speed limit here?

Many people do this.

Many a lonely moon was bright upon the battle-ground, and many a star kept mournful watch upon it, and many a wind from every quarter of the earth blew over it, before the traces of the fight were worn away.

Can you tell us about her?

Those's opinions don't carry much weight around here.

Did you notice him leave the house?

That makes it easy.

Ask them.

If I don't protect you, who will?

Amarth isn't the best person for the job.

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That which was satisfied today becomes tomorrow's provisions.

They all thought of her as a bright girl.

I wish I could buy everything you wanted.


The road to Kazan lies through a dense forest.

I don't wish to be rescued.

I don't understand what you're doing.

I know Portuguese, English, and Russian.

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the continued efforts of these extremists to engage in violence against civilians has led some in my country to view Islam as inevitably hostile not only to the United States and Western countries, but also to human rights.


We need a response.


Ole began coughing.

I need to know who helped them.

Let's eat the ice cream now. It's going to melt.

You're only as much as you settle for.

We need to learn to work together.

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I always liked Bart better.


It is high time we went to bed.

Do you have any water?

The ingenious boy won a prize for his invention.

I'm looking for him.

Our house's roof is on fire!

She won't be pleased.

I can help you if you let me.

He's no judge of music.

I'm not finding the equation.

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Hilda was the only one studying when I entered the classroom.

We now have politicians who lack a child's knowledge of government.

Tell Leora I don't know where his car keys are.


Gas has been found below the sea.


I recently met him.

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It would be interesting to see if we could do that.

We should be getting back to work.

Why would Those do anything like that?

We express our thoughts by means of language.

I won't divorce you unless you give me a good reason.

Sharan refused to take part in the game.

Robin kicked the can.

I haven't yet had an appointment with this accountant.

Sanjay asked Val when the last time she had seen John was.

But being bored is also fun in a way.

May I speak to you a minute?

It is nothing that a little persistence and ingenuity can't overcome.

Now I feel relieved.

Women are said to be weak at figures.

Did you speak to Cindie?

I'm pretty sure that Jelske doesn't like Claudia.

She had her handbag stolen.

I can only walk about three kilometers at a stretch.

Keep the door open.

For a moment I thought I was going to sneeze.

TWiiNS celebrated my birthday via Twitter on June 12th.

Irving is being sarcastic, isn't he?

It's not as great as it used to be.

He asked me if everyone was there.

I'm thinking about leaving.

My door is always open.

Who gave him all that money?

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Jane wanted an ice cream cone.

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Do not wander in speech!


There were 20 more births than deaths in the town last month.


Maybe they have something.

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The teacher gave him a failing grade for basing his report on discredited research.

Can you tell those twins apart?

Why didn't you stay with them?


It's strange that our friends are not here.

He said he was sick, which was a lie.

You should carry out your plan by all means.

Socorrito unloaded groceries from the car.

Dana and Ernie reminisced about the night they met all those years ago.

The students acted in an inappropriate manner.

What I need is a little more money.


You shouldn't wait any longer.

He sat down by my side.

We shall not see his like again.

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The shoelace came untied.


They all speak French.


Who is this letter from?

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Tell Melinda to get in here.

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Farouk spent three weeks in bed.

Seenu doesn't have to tell me again.

We were all scared shitless.

Ted is missing a finger.

They hugged tearfully.

This movement is like a forum or platform from which feminists speak out on women's issues.

Kyung makes it a rule not to eat after 8:00 p.m.

We should've stayed with her.

Micah and Lorenzo met through an online dating website.

Mom, do you still remember how to do it?

Don't count on her.


You are a genius.


Japan has to import oil.

Let's see what the outcome is.

I know where they are.

I don't work.

Stay in your seats.


Relationship through marriage is indicated by the prefix "bo".

The shock deprived her of speech.

Running away isn't the answer.

The youngest child spent every morning at a nursery.

A person will come that without words will make you feel like a nobleman.


I've heard my grandma's stories so often that I'm heartily sick of them.

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Just give it a try.

It's beautiful here.

She lives in an expensive style.

Dominick wanted to change the subject.

Bobbie narrowly escaped.

You're so beautiful it hurts.

I have to tell him about it.


He wins his arguments by logical reasoning.

She's doing it to me out of spite.

How is your wife?

Avery tried to have me killed.

The police took immediate action to deal with the riot.

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What kind of movie is it? Is it popular?

What a bore!

That's life.

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I have to get him home.


Phill is a very wise man.

We know what it feels like.

Andries described what had happened.


Hey, wait a minute.

It is not sufficient to describe the differences in attitude between these two ethnic groups.

I used to have a dog.


Takeo is engrossed in solving mathematical problems.


He's too old for her.

Not at all.

Dorian will never catch me.


John will do that.