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The piano has a good tone.

Hilda never had a plan in his life.

Klaudia wanted a pedicure.


Meg straightened up her desk.


The student took to heart the judge's critical comments on his speech.

It was good working with you.

I'm very tired.


They hurried out.

I didn't expect you to get here so soon.

I wish that Mari would move out of the apartment below because she makes so much noise.

Choose alternative questions.

I don't want to live too near to where I work.


I know the president of that company by name.

They are having breakfast now.

The car slipped on black ice and struck a power pole.


He didn't understand his joke.

Geoff couldn't understand Pradeep at all.

The decision was easy.


Help us, Clara.

Mom, I want you to braid my hair.

I will vouch for him.

We have a lot more to talk about.

I'm not very good.

Manila fell to Japanese troops.

The bright child can tolerate failure.

Give me a hoist.

She's about the same age as my sister.

Walter thought that Klaus was single.

Why do people kiss?

At last, he gained his end.

We can't send them out there.

It's not looking good.

I know something that you don't know.


Santa is no hero.

Mom, I have not taken my medicine.

A language isolate is a language with no demonstrable relationship with other languages.

Let's turn back now before it's too late.

Let's drive to the lake.

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I had hoped to finish it yesterday.


I was having my lunch, when the phone rang.


Let's buy Darryl a drink.

Can you swim well?

I have complete faith in you.


You broke the rule.

I have no hesitation in telling the truth.

She is always running after her mother.

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Rock breaks scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper smothers rock.

You love Australia, don't you?

What did Father say about it?

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You had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

Have you taken out the garbage?

Raymond is well respected in his community.

The new rotas were showing on the wall.

How much time do you spend watching TV?

I expect Varda will help us.

She came out on top.

Could I ask you to drive him to the hospital?

Things change very slowly here.

You should've let me help you.

He wanted female companionship.

When I speak, you be quiet and listen!

I'm looking for a new job.

I woke up and you were already gone.

Am I supposed to tell you how I feel?

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I'll ask around at school and see if anybody would like to volunteer to help us.

The tall man looked at Donal and smiled.

I thought I'd never find her.

I tried again and again.

You're not supposed to eat on the job.


Big boys don't cry.


Francisco tried to stop Roland from calling the police.

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Everything will turn out for the best.

How much did you spend on this?

I told you you'd be disappointed.


It's a good thing you're cute.

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Can you keep her there?


He is an atheist.


Nelken may eat as much as he wants.

How did you hurt your hand?

All you have to do is study hard to get into a good college.

Dinner is pretty much ready.

We could drive to Boston for the weekend.

If you want money, I've got a rich husband.

Kazuhiro left his briefcase on his desk.

He wasn't cooperative.

I'm not so sure this is such a good idea.


A side effect of the eye surgery is dry eyes.

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Actually, I just want to talk to Archie.

Hippopotamuses live in Africa.

He hasn't paid Arnold yet.


He decided to abandon law for art.

You're tough.

I thought that Jackye was kind.

They were identical twins.

I don't have enough money to pay my debts.

He became so excited that what he said made no sense at all.

This food is gluten-free.


I am studying Korean.

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Marie felt his cell phone vibrate in the inside pocket of his jacket.

I have always wanted to try it.

Linder became Isaac's best friend.

It's just not all that interesting.

There's another way out.

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I changed the flag.


Thank you for your interest.

It's popular among the elderly.

A pilot guides the ship toward the port.

He lifted her hand and kissed it.

Rabbits are extremely social animals.

Anatole became our manager in 2013.

By studying the Doppler shift of different galaxies, scientists have concluded that all of the galaxies are moving away from each other.

He was always wrapped by a dangerous air.

I don't really know Hillel very well.


Before long, it'll be cold again.

Apparently he's sick.

It was hot in the room.

Pratt did his best to avoid making eye contact with Klaus.

You play the guitar very well.

We have some work that needs to be done.

She dropped the glass.

Don broke Sofoklis's mug.

I cannot help thinking that my son is still alive.

Please help me cook.

Maurice is full of confidence again.

I used to collect coasters.

The tourists as well as local people come to the square for shopping.

She sent me a friend request.

The weather cleared up, so he went out for a walk.


Chances are the bill will be rejected.

This bridge was originally a toll bridge.

What a memory you have.

John, who is the youngest in a family of seven, is the apple of his parents' eyes.

Real doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.


Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

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You can talk to me about anything you want.

I've been thinking about buying a new car.

It's even worse than it looks.

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He avoided meeting her on the way.


The question is not what education is for so much as how you go about it.

Suu reached for the hammer.

We're changing it.

They also captured another farmer and his son.

It is true that television also has some disadvantages.


I ought to punch you for saying that.

One of the subjects that run all through the movie is the subject of urban romance.

Chavacano is a Spanish-based creole language.

God save Ukraine!

Matthias seems arrogant.

Tait didn't give me a chance to explain what I meant.

While on the Moon Shepard played golf with a club he had carried onboard the lunar spacecraft of Apollo 14.


We were all drenched with perspiration.

I already spoke to her.

By now, the train must have left.

This is what you can do in order to improve your language skills.

I could introduce her to some people.


Each part of the book starts with a quote taken from the life of the author: a passage from a book, a question asked to a stranger on the road, something shouted by a girlfriend.

It might take a while.

Cathryn's outside.

Do you want coffee now or later?

She has no experience in typing, nor does the skill interest her.


Age is not an accomplishment, and youth is not a sin.