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Beijing Oubai Jiaye Trading Co., Ltd was established in the year of 2005. The company focuses on imploring and exploring jewelry, petrochemical products, mechanical equipment, mineral products, non ferrous metals, agricultural and side products, and its core business is petrochemical products and non-ferrous metals. Since founded, the company has achieved an annually increased turnover. In 2003, the company gained operating revenue of 50 million USD. We are extremely proud of the success and the growth of the Company. We have achieved this success through the hard work of our employees, who have superior knowledge and experience in this industry. Our growth and success can also be attributed to the continued support and cooperation of our customers and suppliers. Since now the company has established very good business relationship with many clients from several countries. Based on the principle of service oriented and striving for excellence, Beijing Oubai Jiaye Trading Co., Ltd will continuously work hard on expanding market in new industries and establish business relationship with more clients in a win-win basis.

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 Obai jewelry, was born in Beijing. A place of deep cultural
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