We decided not to have peace negotiations with the invaders.

Lea found new evidence.


As soon as Jack saw her, he burst out crying.


May I set the table?

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See you there.

Don't you think you should tell Edmond about this?

Get off at Himeji Station.


Place a charge on the door to blow it up.

Don't get such a big head just because you won the tournament. There's many others in the world who are just as good as you.

I don't have enough money to buy what I want.

I told him I was just joking.

His jokes border on the insulting.

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If he had known her phone number, he could have called her up.

I gave the umbrella back to Piotr.

Paul bought them a gift.

Julian doesn't like being the first one to show up at any party.

I want to see your house.

I have to attain my purpose at all costs.

We congratulated him on passing the examinations.


Mason and Hsuan celebrate Christmas together every year.

You missed.

Michel agreed to give us an interview.

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I'm sorry if my words hurt you.

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I've been in Boston way longer than you have.


You can save yourself a lot of trouble by selling this car.

This rule cannot be applied to you.

List doesn't look like a rebel.


I'm actually impressed.

I hate being bored.

She did not say anything.


When I was growing up, fewer than 300,000 girls played high school sports. Today, because of Title IX, more than 3 million girls are on the field.


Jim kicks a ball very well.

My dog is very clean.

This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.

He pretended not to see me.

It's been ten years since my father died.

Pontus didn't seem very sure.

The portrait shows the profile of a beautiful woman.


I need a drink first.

Do what you can for Charlie.

You'll be impressed.

Nobody wants to drink?

Madonna's concert drew a large audience.

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There's a lot you don't know about me.

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The summit conference made a contribution to the peace of the world.

What a fantastic idea!

He made a profit of ten thousand dollars on the sale.

The Department of Homeland Security's primary function is the prevention of terrorist attacks occurring within the United States and, in the extreme case of an attack happening, holding losses to the smallest possible level and swiftly carrying out restoration.

Nobody noticed my absence?

I just came from my house.

There are some oranges on the table.


He was seen at a local bank.

It's hard to keep up with you.

The yen appreciated 10 percent against the dollar.


This pizza is really quite good.

I didn't show up for the appointment and I also did not call.

I would never let him touch the Porsche.

I'd like to go faster.

Coleen told the police that she had seen Pradeep.

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You shouldn't speak so ill of him.

She retorted against him.

Hsuan joined us.

I have a lot of patients who are older than me.

We had to do without a TV set.

Not all East Indians like English.

The members of these nomadic tribes were skilled archers and riders; they were able to attack and run away as fast as the wind.

I wonder if Timo knows Ima's phone number.

Micheal thought the room was empty.


I think Phil is about thirty years old.

This car wax gives permanent protection against heavy rain.

Have you ever seen a meteor shower, where meteors burn up and streak across the sky? Those meteors are burning up in the mesosphere.

How do you cast spells?

Most of the surface of the Sun has a temperature of about 5400 degrees C, but in a big sunspot the temperature can drop to about 4000 degrees C.

That has to change.

Lonhyn barely said a word.

So that was it.

How is this teacher?

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It was me who told Helge to do that.

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Tell them how you're feeling.

Robert gave Ralph a kiss on the cheek.

After all day in the sun, Ilya had a sunburned nose.


I'm off to Turkey tomorrow.

I thought you knew them.

I don't want to say "hello".

How long do you intend to spend at the library?

Knute doesn't need this.


Hors d'oeuvre are small dishes served before a meal.

He took his daughter with him whenever he went abroad.

That's pretty close.

Juha quite often eats out.

I have to get up quite early tomorrow.

Jong was a reporter.

It will damage the crops.

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Johann's speech was really funny.

The family of my wife is very rich.

Thad was fired because he couldn't be trusted.


I'm very proud of our students.

We discussed the matter from an educational point of view.

He fell lamentably short of his duty.


I'm sure you all read about it.

I admit that it doesn't feel bad at all.

Swamy made me promise not to go there again.

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Olson watered the garden with the garden hose.


We only have a limited number of neurons.

In your language, does "heart" rhyme with "pain"?

Roman has a rare disease.

We haven't done enough.

When did Don leave for Boston?

I gave in to her demands.

Gather, maiden, roses, while the flower is new and new is youth, and be mindful that your time hurries thus.


Stanley took care of my dog while I was away.

He is practically dead.

We were caught in a shower.

Syun became scared as soon as he saw the robber's knife.

You may take what you need.

They could be listening.

Shall we go with cornflakes or something light from tomorrow?

I can see why Hon doesn't like you.

The concert will probably last three hours.

Are you excited about the Eurovision Song Contest?

I was always honest with you, but you never tried to be honest with me.


Their defense came apart.


The police are certain to get him in the end wherever he may go.

Apparently the most used ATM in the Netherlands is in this town.

Has anybody spoken with them?


Trouble began immediately.

Julie can't go to the beach this weekend with you because he has a bad cold.

Will you keep playing all day long?


Seymour was not apologetic.

Gerard couldn't find anyone to play tennis with.

I sometimes wonder how those foreigners can make ends meet.

He had breakfast.

I'll explain how to take this medicine.

I have a ton of food in my pantry.

Please paint the door white.

Frederic just doesn't want to get married.

This is an entertaining program for children.

It's alleged that he wrote in every language in the world except Chinese and Japanese.

I didn't mean to hit him.

I'll be present.

Would you please lock the door?

I know that you all are cowards.

The train departed on time.

Upon returning home, he found a letter in the mailbox.

I'll take that risk.

She made a bet with him.

Does this come in any other color?

She overslept.

I wish I hadn't married him.

With the help of my friends I learn a whole bunch of new and interesting things.

He is a gentleman among gentlemen.


Laughter can kill.

Would you like to sit on my knee?

Nobody could've guessed it.


He expressed his dissatisfaction.

I'm on my way to see Jeanne.

We are expecting him any moment.

I didn't know it was a big deal.

Wolf wished Hume had told him that she wasn't going to the party.

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That's the nicest motor home that I've ever been in.

Go over it again.

Have you heard the big news?

Isidore is a natural-born teacher.

It's hard for me to understand Italian when it is spoken quickly.