The hurricane survivors were allotted adequate food provisions for their basic nourishment.

How many fingers am I holding up?


I could use one.

Connecting a PC to the internet is not rocket science.

I wish summer break would hurry up and get here.

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We considered that.

The amount payable on the electricity bill was low.

Cut up my food for me.

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I'm following my passion.

I heard you talked to him.

Could you do this instead of me?

What more will I get?

Elias and Franklin are about the same weight.

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I'm here to support Marsha.

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You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.

I found the key I had been looking for.

She has expensive tastes in cars.

We're high school students.

Marshall started the car and put it in reverse.


I hope Ramsey doesn't mind.

The heat is overwhelming.

"I am taking you with me so I can catch some insects for breakfast," Mother Bat explained, "Flying insects are food for us bats."

Big Brother is watching you.

I would be glad to help you, but I am very busy.

I'm just looking out for him.

Murthy waived his rights.

It's my dream to have a son who'll take over my business when I retire.

I think I'd better call Roxana.

What days of the week does it take place?

Love is stupid.

My grandfather has retired because he's grown old.

Tell them thanks but no thanks.

Please choose me a tie for this suit.

Yes, it can be done very easily.


The workers demanded more money and holidays.

I'm sicker than I thought I was.

When I entered the room, Sedat and Leung were snuggled together on the couch.

I often drink tea.

You don't think it was a suicide, do you?


Have I made the right decision?

I would not understand.

I found out where to buy fruit cheaply.

This bag is both good and inexpensive.

I just turned around and Lenny was gone.

Our firm is a giant one, and there are some rules and regulations, which should be revised or rescinded to reduce red tape and increase efficiency.

I want to know why you didn't get here on time.

I don't think anyone saw us.

This is my favorite part of the movie.

I asked Stevan what he'd do if he were me.

This is my dick.

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Waking up is the opposite of falling asleep.

Is there any place special you want to go?

He tripped over a stone.

I'm not jealous of your life at all.

Do you plan to continue working until 10:00?

Mother mentioned that it was about time to prepare supper.

You can't be here when Brooke arrives.

The time when mankind is free from hunger is yet to come.

Which tooth hurts?

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Perhaps it can be repaired.

Sarah reached for the book, but it was out of reach.

I managed to overcome the difficulty.


Happy him who with ease can steer, from grave to gay, from lively to severe.

Robert tossed his dog some bread.

Are you a doctor, sir?

That skirt is long.

Stu was kind enough to help us.

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Bob is really a brown noser.


I used to skip classes a lot.

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I can count to a hundred.


This is a great way to practice.


Galen rented a snowboard.

I don't know if I have enough time to do it.

Therefore I'm giving up for now. I'll still try to check out other possibilities but ... I think hopes are slim.


Why is it so hot?

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What are the other men doing?


We returned the shirts because they were too small.

I had to hold my dog back when a cat crossed our lawn.

The ambassador has returned.

Yesterday it was neither too warm nor too cold. It was an ideal day for taking a walk.

Jim said you cut your arm.

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I don't know who named this dog Pochi.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

He exhibited a number of behaviors typical of his diagnosis.


Mat asked Eugene three times to marry him before she said yes.


Freedom is the essence of mathematics.


I'm going to buy the bilingual dictionary next Saturday.

Christopher Columbus once started a revolution, and then crushed it.

Take my hand. The two of us are going to construct a utopia.

We never harmed them.

As I was going up the stair // I met a man who wasn't there // He wasn't there again today // I wish that man would go away.


We're interested only in the facts.


All the members but me have faith in what he says.


I'm in my underwear.

I may outlive you.

Not having been to Tokyo for a long time, I often got lost.


I'm happy because my wife is so happy.


I'd like to go but I just don't have the time.

How do you help someone who doesn't want your help?

The other day I visited the museum.


I don't think Herve can hear me.


Proper posture is necessary to maintain good health.

And I would not be standing here this evening without the unyielding support of my best friend for the past 16 years, the cornerstone of our family, the love of my life, the First Lady of the nation, Michelle Obama.

English is studied all over the world.


This is the first time I've ever signed a contract.


We postponed the conference to next Friday.


In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."

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The Batmobile passes, two girls are laughing in the rain, this man dressed as Joker enters a car.

The three fundamental factors for happiness are: financial security, a sense of purpose in one's life, and good personal relationships.

Herve barged into the room.


There's a cold wind today.

I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: Your cynical jokes are unbearable.

Don't do wicked things.

They are currently attending a meeting.

His car cost him upward of ten thousand dollars.


It is important to distinguish between assessing the quality of a trial and the quality of its report.

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It was nothing important.

"Literally" can literally mean "metaphorically". "Literal" meaning "metaphorical" is also a literal irony.

On Sunday service can be slower than usual.

They run.

What is Glynn trying to say?


He knows New York inside out.

Bea wanted to free the captive dogs.

It's unnatural.

This time I'll let it slide.

Mahmoud urged Kiki to study art.


Little Johnny farts in the classroom.

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They are good friends of yours.

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The novel gives a manifold picture of human life.

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Our plan flopped.

They elect their representatives in a voting booth.

I always meant to give this back to you.


The seat of his pants is shiny.

I wish that Hughes were still alive.

My children live in Boston.


Why did you poison her?

You flatter me.

Don't you want to hear my side of the story?

Running the Inca Trail near Machu Picchu can be arduous.

"What's going on?", asked Albert when she saw Winston crying on the floor.

The medicine relieved him of his stomach-ache.

He lives within earshot of my house.

I'm hoping for a really big discount.

The balloon went up slowly.

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I'll be here all morning if anyone needs me.

I'm traveling on a tight schedule. I don't have the time.

Tyler could've won if he'd wanted to.

It is nothing but an opening of the miramistin production plant in Bagrationovsk.

What's their plan?

Being very clever and gentle, this dog is a good companion to me.

I don't like lying to Vic.

He couldn't remember my address.

It's the only way to find out.

Raghu is going to take care of me.

If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.