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This website is a place where you can hopefully learn from me and a few friends that are trying to help others through our knowledge of the game of soccer. We have been at all levels of the game and enjoy sharing our knowledge in hopes that it helps others succeed.

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Hand on Head Warm-up

Do you ever struggle to get your players moving and energetic at the start of practice?  Do players keep their mouth closed all of the time? Try getting them warmed… Read more »

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Defending Presentation

As an Assistant Coach with Clemson University, I put together a presentation about defending and how you can use technology to teach.  One of the most important factor for coaching… Read more »


Defending: Pressing

Pressing can be an effective way to get the ball back quickly for your team.  It can also be a complete disaster that causes numerous goals to get scored on… Read more »


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Over the next week or two I am going to be posting some sessions that should be used at the beginning of the season. (and maybe a refresher later on…) … (606) 297-5729